Our research in Evreux designs each year new broadcasters in line with the constraints of our customers. (Size broadcasters, power compressors, electronic card, remote management)

Is not perfumed in the same way parking or food shop, gymnasium locker rooms or the reception area of a bank, a temporary event or permanent premises, a public transport vehicle or a museum, a volume of 10m3 and another of 500 m3

With this finding Sensorys studied and put at least a wide range of broadcasters, to meet all the needs of its customers.

Our engineering department designs and manufactures custom broadcasters.

We adapt the power of our compressors to spaces to perfume, the volume of the container to the desired length of diffusion, the size of the diffuser to the client's aesthetic needs.
Nos têtes de nébulisation sont en acier permettant de garantir nos matériels toute la durée du contrat nous liant à nos clients.

We offer full service in contracts with guarantee parts and labor up to 5 consecutive years.