Fully aware of the importance of the olfactory element of brand identity and its influence on behavior, SENSORYS was launched in 2004 in the sensory marketing segment, offering unique technology of olfactory diffusion.

Recognized today as a leading company in Europe in the development of fragrant atmospheres and in mastering diffusion technology, SENSORYS offers a comprehensive and complete service, combining skills in perfumery, nebulizer engineering, and site maintenance.

More than 500 sites in France use Sensorys technology and are managed by an in-house technical service.

Our perfumers develop high quality fragrances and customized scents, to meet customer needs.

Our creations include Eau de VINCI for VINCI Park, Hello Onet for the Onet Group, Nymphéas for Urbis Park and Eau de Shiso for Spie Concessions.

Our design office designs facilities, and our technical team creates them and provides on-site maintenance.

Our R & D department is continuously working on new olfactory concepts and new diffusers that are manufactured and tested in Evreux at our company headquarters.

Our communication department designs and organizes events and activities, and develops POS advertising and custom objects.

Whatever the nature of your project and the size of your business, Sensorys will put its expertise and experience at your service.

Sensorys is a member of Cosmetic Valley, the world’s leading perfumery cosmetics network.