Each year our research department in Evreux designs new diffusers to meet our customers’ requirements such as diffuser size, compressor power, electronic cards and the need for remote management.

Each specific space needs to be scented differently, whether it is car park, a food shop, a gym locker room or a bank reception area; a temporary event or permanent premises; a public transport vehicle or a museum; a volume of 10m3 or 500 m3.

Knowing this, Sensorys has designed and developed wide range of diffusers to meet the needs of all its customers.

Our engineering department designs and manufactures customized diffusers.

We adapt the throughput of our compressors to the volume to be scented, the volume of the container to the desired duration of diffusion, and the size of the diffuser to the customer’s aesthetic needs.

As our nebulizer heads are made of steel, we guarantee all our materials for the lifetime of our contracts with our customers.

We offer full service contracts with a guarantee of parts and labor up to 5 consecutive years.